Welcome to the Resilience Network

We build safe, sustainable, blooming cities

Building a resilient, sustainable planet starts in cities

With more than half of the planet’s population living in cities, cities will need to provide solutions to make us more resilient, sustainable and prosperous. There is a variety of domains from which to develop a city’s livability, such as its safety, economic development, educational and recreational facilities. But in today’s dynamic, globalized world a city also needs to increasingly anticipate on external influences like environmental changes, technological advancements and terrorist threats. That is why the degree of a city’s resilience is becoming a basic domain to measure a city’s livability.

Developing Urban Resilience as a disciplinary domain

A city’s management structure is commonly structured in departments reflecting the basic domains, for example an economic department or department of public health. All the departments have one thing in common; they depend on a city’s critical infrastructure (CI) as their lifeline. Everyday life in a modern city relies heavily on the reliability and intelligent management of CI’s, such as electric power systems, telecommunication and cyber networks and water distribution networks. If only one of these networks is hit, this can cause a cascade of damage to all domains.

An activation platform for Urban Resilience government

The main objective of The Resilience Network is to help local governments develop Urban Resilience as a disciplinary domain. For this we have developed the outline for a masterclass program,  intended to help local governments build a resilience department that can oversee the scope of what defines a cities resilience, identify risks and set priorities for resilience by design.